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Unlock the Facts

What is a Dual Key home?
Featuring a 3-bedroom home along with a separate supported 1-bedroom dwelling at the rear; under the
same roof line both with independent entries.

Who is a Dual Key for?
The investor wanting a much higher return than a standard 4-bedroom home.
The First home buyer who would like to lease the rear dwelling and supplement their mortgage repayments.
The multi-generational family who would like to keep the family close.

Is approval required?
Yes, All our Dual Key homes are certified by an Independent Building Surveyor to ensure compliance
is assured under the Australian Building Code.

Are there two titles?
No, the home is built on one title.

What finance options are available for a Dual Key home?
Speak to your dual key consultant today and our experienced fi nance partners can take you through
the whole process from start to finish.

Do you need to two separate insurance policies?

Can you have two separate residential leases?

Are the properties separately metered?
No there is one meter for the property. This cost of utilities will be included in the estimated rental
amount for each dwelling.

Can you live in the front and rent out the rear?
Yes, You could also live in the rear and rent out the front.

Can a Dual Key be built anywhere?
These homes are exclusive to Charles Lloyd Property Group Land Estates across Victoria. To build these
homes in other estates/areas you will need to discuss with one of our Dual Key consultants as
further approvals may be required.
We reserve the right to not build our Dual Key Homes within other estates outside CLPG land

What is the minimum size block needed?
To build the Dual Key 20 design a minimum 12.5m wide frontage is required with minimum depth of
28m. To build the Dual Key 28 design a minimum 16m frontage is required with a minimum depth of

What is the expected rental return?
The rental yield will vary from region to region. Please consult your local real estate agent, accountant and your Dual Key Victoria representative for rental and full return figures. Estimates suggest up to 6.5% return can be achieved.

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